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NAID-Australasia Permitted to Submit Comment on New Zealand Guideline

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The 21st of December marked the official close of the comment period regarding the proposed New Zealand guidelines titled, Guidance Materials for Health Practitioners on Mental Health Information. NAID-Australasia, having only learned of the publication in researching background on data protection laws in the country, immediately requested permission to submit a late official comment.  On Monday of this week the New Zealand Privacy Commissioner’s Office granted that permission. 

The guideline, as proposed, discusses issues related to appropriate disclosure of mental health information but fails to address the issue of disposal in any way.  NAID often finds that data protection guidelines, created by well-intentioned policy makers, overlooks data disposal.  The good news is that once aware of such oversights, privacy officials act quickly to rectify the situation.  We trust that to be the result in this case as well.