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NAID-Australasia Preparing for Government Response to Review of Austrian Commission Recommendations

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One of NAID’s most important areas of focus and expertise around the world is government relations and data protection laws.  As many readers may know, the Australian government is preparing to release an exposure draft of legislation designed to implement proposed changes to the Privacy Act and related laws.  The proposed changes themselves were the result of a 28 month review by the Australian Law Reform Commission (ALRC) which resulted in 197 recommendations.  

The government has committed to release the exposure draft in early 2010 for further consultation.  When finally released, NAID-Australasia will activate a response committee to formulate a strategy to support strong enhancements of data protection language, which were suggested the recommendations.  Among the recommendations was the creation of a data breach notification and implanting stronger enforcement powers for the Privacy Commissioner’s office. 

In a related initiative, NAID-Europe recently accepted an invitation to comment on a UK plan to impose stronger penalties for violations of data protection laws.

Click here  to read the submission, which has also been sent to leading privacy officials around the world, including Australia and New Zealand.