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New Conference Workshops Aim to Create Custom Business Plan

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NAID Conference planners have designed two sessions with the ambitious goal of creating specific step-by-step sales and marketing plans that will capitalize on the two most important consumer-oriented trends affecting the industry – 1) the HITECH amendments to HIPAA and 2) the requirement on customers to have written data protection policies. 

According to conference chair Susan Casias, “This is a first for NAID.  In these workshops, with the help of a facilitator, we will layout everything we know about the issues, roll up our sleeves, and brainstorm a sales and marketing plan on the fly.  It will be very interactive and productive.  For many, it may be the first time they have a deliberate marketing plan to capitalize on a specific regulatory issue.” 

Ms. Casias adds, “We know these sessions are early in the day and that will be challenge for some, especially in Vegas, but the payoff will be worth it.  We’re going to develop the marketing plan for the service providers and also define what NAID can do to provide support in executing those plans.” 

The “Early Bird Workshop” will be held from 7:00am to 7:50am on both Thursday and Friday of the event. 

Conference Registration materials and all other information are located on the NAID website.