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Client Policies at Core of House Bill

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According to NAID Executive Director Bob Johnson, “Each generation of new data legislation has increased the emphasis on the requirement for businesses to have proper written information protection policies.  It seems this new Data Accountability and Trust Act (DATA) that recently passed the House vote takes that trend to a new level.” 

Johnson points to the first sentence of the bill, stating that the purpose of the new law is “To protect consumers by requiring reasonable security policies and procedures to protect computerized data containing personal information. . . .”   

Lest anyone interpret the language as limiting the implications of this law only to electronic data, there are 3 full paragraphs within the bill addressing the “Destruction of Obsolete Paper Records Containing Personal Information.” 

CTK Workshop graduates will soon receive a short, fill-in-the-blank template of policies and procedures to streamline the process of working with clients looking for a quick solution along with other revised CTK tools. 

DATA House Bill Text