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NAID’s New HIPAA Brochure Targets HITECH Opportunity

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As 2009 comes to a close, the Public Relations Committee will (unbelievably) squeeze in one more marketing brochure – this time aimed at helping members capitalize on the HITECH amendments to HIPAA. 

According to NAID Executive Director Bob Johnson, “Two things we know: 1) The best time to capitalize on new regulations is when they are fresh and concern is high, 2) The “new HIPAA” creates a great opportunity to bring the benefits of outsourcing destruction to smaller healthcare organizations such as doctors and dentists.” 

Because many privacy experts believe some large Covered Entities are unaware of the new environment created by HITECH, the new brochure will also help members introduce the new regulations to those hospitals that are current and prospective clients as well. 

While the new HIPAA brochure will be completed prior to the end of the year, the mailing will be delayed until after the holidays so it will not be overlooked when it arrives.