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Upcoming Sessions Mark Last Scheduled CTK Workshops

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As the year comes to a close, over 150 NAID Members have taken part in the one-day Compliance Toolkit Workshops conducted by Bob Johnson across the country. 

While Johnson hastens to remind attendees that there is no silver bullet that does not include hard work, he also adds that the missing ingredient for most service providers is confidence.  As Johnson puts it “most members don’t earnestly pursue CTK-related opportunities because they would not know what to do if they got them.  They’re still waiting for the phone to ring.” 

Johnson adds, “The CTK does not exist in a vacuum.  It only makes sense if you know how and why it applies and how it links to everything else going on in the marketplace such as the Red Flag Rule, HITECH and forthcoming legislation.” 

The last three scheduled CTK Workshops will be held in January in Charlotte, NC (Jan. 12th), Dallas, TX (Jan. 19th), and Los Angeles, CA (Feb. 4th). 

In the upcoming year NAID will conduct a marketing campaign that will reframe the CTK as a client employee training program. This campaign will add new elements to help market the program, including a new CTK brochure scheduled for release on January 15th.