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Recall SDS Achieves NAID Certification

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Last week, Recall Secure Destruction Services achieved corporate-wide NAID Certification for all North American operations, including the United States and Canada. 

According to NAID Executive Director Bob Johnson, “It is gratifying when any secure destruction service becomes NAID Certified.  However, we do appreciate that the challenges to an organization with 50-plus locations requires a significant level of coordination and an especially high level of organizational discipline.” 

Johnson also adds that “The acceptance of NAID Certification by a highly respected international company such as Recall is having a dramatic effect on organizations.  It is no wonder that the number of organizations requiring service providers to be NAID Certified is skyrocketing.” 

Achieving NAID Certification confirms the security of Recall’s strict document destruction procedures and demonstrates their commitment to providing the highest level of security to their customers. 

Recall SDS joins Cintas Document Management and Shred It as multinational companies having achieved corporate-wide NAID Certification throughout North America.