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New NAID Certification Brochure Ready, Willing, and Able

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The newest edition to the growing list of NAID marketing brochures will be arriving in the mailboxes of NAID members soon. 

The brochure is an updated version of the “NAID Certification: Beyond the Claims and Promises” pamphlet.  The current brochure has been in circulation for more than 4 years, and was developed when there were less than 100 NAID Certified member locations.  Because there are now close to 600 NAID Certified member locations, and because the number of customers requiring NAID Certification has grown sharply, the new brochure is more aggressive in advancing the benefits of the program. 

Titled, “NAID Certification: Simplifying Compliance with Today’s Data Protection Requirements,” the new brochure positions NAID Certification as an effective way for organizations to fulfill their legal requirement to develop vendor selection and audit criteria. 

A sample of the new brochure promoting NAID Certification will be mailed to all members soon and will be available for purchase starting October 15th.