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NAID-Canada Conference’s All Star Lineup A Sign Of Growing Influence

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The 2009 NAID-Canada Conference will feature some of the world’s most influential information protection professionals, and the lineup of presenters is evidence of NAID’s growing relevance around the world.

Among those presenters are Dr. Ann Cavoukian, the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario, Joanne McNabb, Chief of the California Office of Privacy Protection, Jeff Green, Chief Privacy Officer of Royal Bank of Canada and Derek Knights, Senior IT Security Governance Specialist for Sun Life Financial—all of whom will join other notable presenters to cover a host of topics ranging from the impact of data breach notification to employee compliance and policy development. 

While the one-day event, held on October 29, 2009 in Toronto, will include topics such as encryption and data breach notification, information destruction remains the primary focus of the event. The good news for the industry is that data destruction is now a growing concern of privacy regulators.  There could be no greater testimony to that than Dr. Cavoukian’s keynote presentation, where she will unveil the new Information Destruction Guidelines, produced in collaboration with NAID. 

There is still plenty of time to register for the 2009 NAID-Canada ConferenceExhibit Space and Sponsorship Opportunities are also available for data destruction service providers that wish to capitalize on the attendance of potential customers interested in learning more about information protection. 

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