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CTK Workshops Build Confidence - Improve Strategy

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According to feedback from attendees of the most recent Compliance Toolkit (CTK) Workshops, among the most significant benefits of the day-long training are 1) defining a strategy for effectively using the CTK to develop leads, 2) defining a methodical approach and tools for using the CTK with prospects and clients, and 3) providing background on why organizations need policies and procedures. However, the most significant “deliverable” provided by the CTK, according to instructor and NAID executive director Bob Johnson, is that it increases attendees’ overall confidence in the process. 

“When I gave secure destruction sales training seminars 20 years ago, I used to say that the best thing I could do for any sales person was to increase their confidence,” says Johnson.  “Doing the CTK Workshops is like a flashback. I remain more convinced than ever that real success comes from the confidence gained by thoroughly understanding the issues in play.” 

The CTK Training Workshops are being offered on a regional basis across the country over the next 3 months, giving local sales staff the opportunity for training as economically as possible.