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Three New Marketing Brochures in Development

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The NAID Public Relations Committee has announced that it intends to release 3 new marketing brochures over the next months.  

First in line is a new brochure to help NAID AAA Certified explain the value of NAID Certification to clients and prospects. With over 500 member-locations currently certified and new certifications pouring in, the new brochure will more aggressively position NAID AAA Certification as a solution to regulatory requirements. 

The second new marketing brochure will help explain the new HITECH provisions to HIPAA Covered Entities.  The brochure will be designed to draw attention to elements within the HITECH amendment that favor outsourcing destruction requirements to a qualified service provider.  The brochure will also be formatted to work effectively with larger Covered Entities as well as small healthcare providers such as doctor’s offices. 

Lastly, the PR Committee is preparing a new marketing brochure to explain to clients and prospects their regulatory requirement to have written information destruction procedures. This brochure will increase prospects’ interest in working with members to develop regulatory compliant policies and procedures. 

All members will receive a copy of each brochure when they are released.