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CTK Workshops Add Crucial Marketing Component

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New content has been added to the Compliance Toolkit Training Workshops. The workshops are designed to show attendees how to capitalize on a number of favorable trends aligning in the marketplace.  Included among the topics in the new session is one that explores how to best utilize the recently revised NAID Business Associate contract to attract new clients from the healthcare sector. 

According to NAID executive director Bob Johnson, “HITECH, the requirement to renegotiate Business Association contracts, new Data Breach Notification laws, the Red Flag Rule, and increased media attention are creating a “perfect storm” for the NAID CTK and those members who know how to play these developments off one another.” 

The NAID Information Destruction Policy Compliance Toolkit (CTK) was created to help members capitalize on the legislative requirement for organizations to have written information protection policies.  This requirement is in effect in virtually every developed nation in world, but nowhere is the requirement more acute than in the United States (see article below – “FIRM SLAPPED FOR LACK OF DESTRUCTION POLICIES”). 

Upcoming NAID CTK Training Workshops are already scheduled in Columbus, Houston, San Francisco, Orlando and Seattle.  Dates for the CTK Workshops will soon be announced for Chicago, Philadelphia, Dallas, Denver and Los Angeles.