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Privacy Commissioner Announces NAID Collaboration

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The Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario, Canada (IPC) has announced her collaboration with NAID on the creation of proper data destruction guidelines for healthcare organizations.  The announcement came in the Ontario IPC's most recent Order issued on July 3rd pursuant to the province's Personal Health Information Protection Act, documenting the investigation into the improper disposal of health information by a high-profile medical services company operating in Canada and the US. 

While is it is always good to be included in such a project, the fact that this invitation comes from the office of one of the world’s most highly-regarded and influential privacy leaders is an honor. 

Ontario’s IPC, Dr. Ann Cavoukian, was recently appointed to an unprecedented third term of service and in 2007 was recognized as the Privacy Professional of the Year by the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP). 

Dr. Cavoukian will unveil the Health Information Destruction Guidelines during her keynote speech at the 2009 NAID-Canada Conference on October 29th in Toronto. 

Read the Ontario IPC Order