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New Required Contract for HIPAA/HITECH is Subject of NAID Webinar

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In a recent White Paper, NAID addressed the fact that soon every healthcare operation in the country will be legally required to renegotiate their current Business Associate contracts.  

Industry analysts predict that this requirement will put many healthcare destruction contracts into play, with the biggest winners being those firms that are prepared to help the healthcare client through the process.  

Attendees will get a leg up on the competition by learning how to best present the new contract to current and prospective healthcare clients. 

NAID commissioned one of the top privacy lawyers in the world to create its new BA contract, and healthcare clients will clamor for this new tool once they learn who created it. NAID Members will have the opportunity to hear about the contract directly from the attorney during a webinar on July 28, 2009 at 4:00pm EST.  

Healthcare providers will be desperate for guidance with regard to their new contract requirements, and NAID Members who are well versed in the background and circumstances surrounding the new contract will be able to best capitalize on the opportunity. 

Space may be limited.Interest members are encouraged to register for the HIPAA/HITECH BA Contract Webinar as soon as possible.  

Note: The webinar is optional.  All NAID Active and Franchise Members will have access to the new BA contract at no charge when it released on September 1, 2009.