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NAID Releases Electronic Destruction Brochure

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NAID is proud to release its latest marketing brochure on the topic of electronic information destruction.  NAID Active and Franchise Members in the US will receive a sample of the brochure by mail in the very near future. 

Like all of the marketing brochures that NAID creates for its members, this latest offering is designed to provide a valuable third-party endorsement regarding the importance of information destruction on discarded computers, and the need for care in selecting a service provider.  

As NAID President Tim Oberst put it, “Even members who are currently not destroying information on computer hard drives can benefit from having these brochures on hand.  I know that we are all getting questions from our customers about computer disposal on a regular basis.  This brochure is something a member can give the client, even if the intention is to bring in a trusted partner to do the e-destruction.  What is the alternative, walk away and let someone else serve your client—who just might want all the business?” 

NAID Members that do not want to wait to place their order may do so by submitting the Marketing Materials Order Form via fax or mail.