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Webinar Scheduled July 28, 2009 on HIPAA/HITECH Contract

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NAID is offering members the opportunity to get an advanced look at the new HIPAA/HITECH Business Associate contract, and at the same time, get a leg up on the competition by learning how to best present the new contract to current and prospective healthcare clients. 

By now most readers are aware that new provisions have been added to HIPAA that will require all healthcare and healthcare-related organizations to revise their legally required Business Associate (BA) contracts. 

NAID previously announced that it commissioned a high-profile and highly-regarded privacy lawyer to draft a new NAID BA Contract that would satisfy HITECH’s provisions and give members a competitive advantage in the marketplace.  Members now have the opportunity to hear about the contract directly from the attorney who created it. 

In order to familiarize NAID members with the details and reasoning behind the new contract, NAID is holding a webinar on July 28, 2009 at 4:00pm EST.  It is expected that healthcare providers will look for guidance with regard to their new contract requirements and that many existing contracts will be put into play.  It is also expected that NAID Members who are well versed in the background and circumstances surrounding the need for the new contract will be able to best capitalize on the opportunity. 

Space may be limited.Interest members are encouraged to register for the HIPAA/HITECH BA Contract Webinar as soon as possible.  

Note: The webinar is optional.  All NAID Active and Franchise Members will have access to the new BA contract at no charge when it released on September 1, 2009.