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NAID to Keep Closer Tabs on Breach Notification Cases

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With HIPAA Covered Entities and Business Associates now subject to data breach notification requirements of HITECH, NAID Members will see the association more closely following and reporting on related issues. 

Recently, Aetna Casualty was forced to notify 65,000 current and former employees, sending each a letter wherein the company admitted its role and described the nature of the data breach.  The company’s online job application site was breached, which only became apparent earlier this month when affected individuals began receiving suspicious emails soliciting personal details.  The site reportedly contained the Social Security Numbers of the 65,000 people who were notified. 

A class action suit has already been filed against Aetna related to this incident, which is just one of the consequences of what is coming to be known as Breach Notification Fallout. 

The upcoming edition of NAIDnews (June 2009) contains a thorough examination of the impact of breach notification and why it is among the most feared of all the new HIPAA/HITECH provisions. 

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