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Active Week for Australian Privacy

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As Australia gears up for its part in this week’s Asian Pacific Privacy Awareness Week, Karen Curtis, the country’s Privacy Commissioner, is urging organizations to review privacy practices and procedures; conduct Privacy Impact Assessments; and sponsor staff training on privacy matters, among other efforts. 

At the same time, the Queensland Government has distributed a copy of the Information Privacy Bill 2009 in draft form.  The bill includes Information Privacy Principles for government agencies and Queensland Health. Most notably for the secure destruction industry, the bill also includes requirements surrounding third-party service providers' handling of personal information. 

NAID-Australasia’s planning committee also held a meeting on May 1st.  Past President and Regional Committee Board Liaison Tom Simpson and NAID Executive Director Bob Johnson also participated in the call via telephone. 

Among the topics discussed at the meeting was the establishment of the NAID Australasia secretariat to promote the organization, track and respond to governmental issues, and respond to news affecting members there.  The committee is also exploring the idea of a regional conference modeled after the approach used by NAID-Canada, which hosts government and industry decision makers to educate them on information disposal issues. 

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