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Drs Office Marketing Lessons Learned

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Under the heading “You only get out what you put in” NAID will conduct another webinar in a continuing series aimed at helping members make the most of the new Doctors’ Office Marketing Program.  The free webinar will be held on June 22nd at 3:00 PM EST.

“I want program users to hear what we are hearing about the program’s successes,” says NAID CEO Bob Johnson.

Sales of the brochures and other items that support the program have skyrocketed since their release 3 months ago at the NAID Annual Conference.

Registration is NOT required. Those wishing to participate can simply click “Join the meeting” in the event details at the appropriate time to see and hear the presentation.

Click here to add the Doctors’ Office Marketing Materials Webinar to your Outlook Calendar.  Details, including instructions on participating in the webinar are located in the Coming Events section of the NAID website.

A complete list of Doctors’ Office Marketing Program support materials is available in the Members’ Only section of the NAID website (username and password required).


TO PARTICIPATE:If you already have the Microsoft Live Meeting application on your computer (or you have attended a NAID Webinar in the last 6 months), simply click on “Join the meeting.” link below.

Join the meeting.

NOTE: The audio will be provided over your computer speakers or a headset. There is no telephone option.

If you DO NOT have Microsoft Live Meeting or if you are unsure, go to check your system.

If you have difficulty joining the meeting, contact support.