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NAID Buyer's Guide Welcome to the NAID Market. NAID Vendor Members provide a wide range of products and services to meet the needs of any secure destruction company. Simply select the category of products or services from the list below. Support these Vendors who support the industry. (See Disclaimer)

Read the full 2017 NAID Buyer's Guide (English Only)

Air Quality/HVAC Systems

Balers, Baling Wire & Tying Systems

Cabinets & Consoles, Security

Carts & Collection Containers

CCTV, Surveillance, Security & Alarm Systems


Conveyors, Sorters & Handling Equipment

Data & Records Management Services

Destruction Equipment, Mobile

Destruction Equipment, Plant-based

Destruction Equipment, Repair & Parts

Destruction Equipment/Systems, Computers, Electronics & Digital Media

Destruction Services, Electronics & Products

Drug Screening & Training Programs

Dust Collection and Compliance

Employment Services

Facility Equipment, Maintenance and Repair

Financial Services

Fire Detection & Suppression Systems

Fireproof Modular Media Vault

Insurance Providers

Marketing & Promotional Services

Mergers & Acquisitions

Paper Recyclers, Mills, & Brokerage Firms

Records Storage Equipment

Recyclers, Non-Paper

Software & Database Management

Trucks/Vehicles & GPS/Fleet Management


If you are interested in becoming a NAID vendor, please fill out the Contact Us form, and we will send you more information.